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O's payroll without Webb


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2015 Payroll Estimate

1) 13m Jones - CF

2) 12.25m Jimenez - SP6/RP7

3) 12m Davis - 1B (one game suspension, will miss opening day)

4) 11.5m Hardy - SS (starts the year on the DL)

5) 8.8m Norris - SP1

6) 8.275m Wieters - C (starts the year on the DL)

7) 5m De Aza - LF

8) 4.75m Chen - SP2

9) 4.65m Hunter - RP1

10) 4.315m Tillman - SP3

11) 4.25m O'Day - RP2

12) 3.7m Pearce - COF/DH/1B

13) 3.275m Gonzalez - SP4

14) 3.2m Britton - RP3

15) 3.2m Matusz - RP

16) 2.4m Cabrera - IF

17) 2.25m Young - DH

18) 2.1m Snider - RF

19) 2m Markakis - (Buyout)

20) 1.7m W. Wright - RP5

21) 1.075m Flaherty - UIF

22) .548m Machado - 3B

23) .5255m Lough - OF (starts the year on the DL)

24) .523m Brach - RP6

25) .522m Gausman - SP5

26) .515m Joseph - C

27) .515m Paredes - DH/PH/3B (starts the year on the DL)

28) .515m Schoop - 2B

29) .514m Lavarnway- BC (guess)

30) .5075m Garcia - RP

31) .5m Bonilla (deferred compensation)

32) .445m Bundy (starts in the minors)

33) .003m Clevenger - C (prorated portion of .514m salary)

Sub Total 119.229m of earned salary

Minus 2.25m deferred from Jimenez

Minus 2m deferred from Hardy(best guess)

Minus .065 Davis one day suspension

Total 114.914 minus deferred salaries

It has been reported the 6.5M of Hardy's contract is deferred but no word yet on how it is distributed of the contract term.

Signing bonuses are shown in the year they are paid. Performance bonuses are not included.

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Which chart in more accurate?

This one does not have the following numbers in the total:

1) Markakis buyout

2) Bonilla's deferred money

3) Lavarnway's salary

4) It has Clevenager full salary but he is being paid as a minor league since he was optioned;

5) includes Webb's salary in the total.

6) Doesn't included Bundy yearly salary although hr is on major league contract.

7) Does not have Garcia's salary in the total.

8)It includes bonus money for Jones though that bonus was paid years about.

9) This chart ignores deferred money. If you are trying to understand what the O's are paying out in 2015 then knowing about deferred money in contracts gives a better picture of what the O's are doing.

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