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Commissioner Sees Expansion in MLB's Future


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Or, another way to say extortion:

Manfred said MLB has compiled a list of cities that might be viable options through expansion or possible relocation from existing markets. Tampa Bay and Oakland have been mentioned as markets that could eventually risk losing their teams if their ongoing stadium issues are not resolved.
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    • If we had a 23 year old 1B prospect in AAA who put up an .860 OP with 27 homers and 106 RBI,  would you be ok with giving him a chance?
    • If Diaz is not DFA'd I'd be shocked. I suppose he could be a throw in player in some deal, but if he's on the 40-man roster when the Rule 5 draft occurs I'll be shocked. He's a guy who can't stay healthy and probably needs a change of scenery and even then, the hit tool have not improved and he still has very little plan at the plate.
    • Boy did Severino not come close to that 205 innings mark very often! lol True Roberts has improved a bit with his receiving and i have no idea how either of them frame balls though from watching, seems like Handley is pretty good and stealing strikes though AA umpires can be wildly inconsistent so that's tough to judge. Either way, as I showed, Handley bat should play better overall.  For me, Handley is 40 level prospect while Roberts is a 35.  
    • What makes you think other teams value him?
    • I don't necessarily agree with this. I think there's a good chance he's not traded and he could certainly fit in at 2B next year as an upgrade over Odor, but my point is if we are going to put him at 1B and leave him there, I'd rather trade him (if the right deal is available) as I think he brings back more value to the Orioles in a trade than in that spot. He's a highly touted prospect, but some of that is related to the fact he's expected to provide solid defense in a spot higher up the defensive spectrum than 1B. If we are looking to replace Mountcastle at 1B, I'd rather do that by bringing in someone from the outside as 1B is somewhere we can get better offensive production. In most cases, a similarly ranked 1B prospect to Westburg is expected to deliver superior offense to him as such a player would obviously also offer less value on the defensive side of the ball. 
    • +1, not sure why this is a question. Gun to my head, I'd go with Adley. He has the 1/1 pedigree and plays elite level C, a difficult position to fill. Fortunately we have a great group of young players and prospects so we can build around both plus more to come. 
    • I feel like if we make a big trade this offseason, Drew Rom will be a guy we trade away. I obviously could be wrong, but I get the feeling that other teams value him more than we do at this point.
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