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    • Somehow I think we're going to hear from John Angelos for doing something stupid, mean or petty or likely all 3 at the same time.  Public intoxication while arguing a $20 parking ticket or something.
    • IMO spending money in FA and making meaningful trades is something that is going to be required to sustain excellence. By the way, I'm not sure that it's not too late to extend Gunnar. I can't see Boras sitting at the table after he has a 50+ homer year at age 22/23.
    • Baumann is not a pitcher a championship contender should have on it's roster (as he currently stands). We need to trim the fat and Baumann was the first guy to go. Hopefully in a few months our bullpen is something like this: CL- Helsley SU- Kimbrel SU- Cano LHP- Columbe LHP- Perez RHP- Webb Long relief- Suarez Long relief- Povich
    • Don't forget the two wild pitches!
    • I think I might be somewhat overreacting.  He was obviously sick and fighting injury in March and April so I don't think it's fair to put to much weight on those numbers.  I was thinking he had more at bats since he's been back, but he's only played every 3 days or so.  28 at bats is a small amount to make a big decision on.  O's might just roll with him as 4th OF. 
    • Why?  Because we had 5 high-level contributing players graduate in the past 2-3 years, and all of them are still making the league minimum.  Westburg - playing like an all-star.  Cowser - slumping and running into bad luck but playing like a ROY candidate.  Gunnar - playing like an MVP.  Adley - playing like an all-star at a position that's hard to fill.  Grayson - playing like a solid #2 starter.  What scrubs are we playing?  Mullins?  He's here for defense and he's had more days off.  Hays?  He's been buried in the bench with Cowser playing well.  Urias?  He's buried deeper than Hays is.  Mateo is playing well to make up for Holliday flopping early.  Oh, and lets not forget that Adley made more than his payroll number last year, and will again this year alongside Gunnar, because of the MLB pre-arb bonus pool, which doesn't appear to be calculated in the team's salary.   The only scrubs we have  are in the bullpen.  We can trade for bullpen help because it's always available at the deadline.  (and we better.)   Your entire line of thinking here is completely off the rails.   edit: damn, i guess i missed him getting sent to the corner.
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