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Position Player Free Agent Endgame


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There are three top tier free agents position players left on the board (Upton, Davis, and Cespedes), and one just below top tier (Fowler). But there seem to be very few teams left with the money and motivation to sign any of them.

How low will the market go? This has to be one of the more fascinating free agent markets in recent memory. It will take a phenomenally epic failure for the O's to emerge completely empty-handed on the position player front after it is all said and done. If they can't get a deal done in these extremely team-friendly circumstances with somebody noteworthy, DD might as well resign (either he's utterly incompetent or he's being completely suffocated by ownership...either way it's time to throw in the towel). He's done a good job so far this winter and already improved on last year, but now it's time to step up and push this offseason from average to excellent in these favorable conditions. Seriously is there any possible excuse for the team to whiff on a major position player signing? I can't think of one. Get a deal done, guys.

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