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DL Ubaldo


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He might "get fixed".

Also keeps at bay a scenario where another team signs him and fixes him.

He seems to be actively trying to do the opposite. We fix his delivery and then he decides to go back to the delivery that got him a seat at home for the playoffs.

Release him. And send Wright down too. I'm sick of seeing his garbage pitching too.

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Eh. Jones catches the Donaldson ball as he should have and we are not having this conversation. He is terrible right now but the whole point of going to the bullpen is to give him time to fix it. Wright was the one who put us down 3-0 and 6-2 (plus two of the runners that Ubaldo scored).

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Yes it appears to be over. Just such a wretched signing by Duquette. What was he thinking?

I was excited about the signing at the time, as were many others. Much easier to ask "what was he thinking?" With disdain now than at the time.

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    • Wait, don't drag me into your fight.  remember not being thrilled with the O'Hearn signing because I thought the cost of a guy who was going to be AAA depth at #1.3 million was unnecessary. I do also remember saying that he did have some analytics that suggested he'll be better without the shift. Let's remember though, I thought Stowers was going to be a semi-regular between RF/LF/DH and not buried like they did early in the season last year.  I don't remember anyone thinking O'Hearn was going to have the year he ended up having.
    • I hope it was meant by a joke, but who knows?  You gotta think that for Elias to maintain the respect of his peers that he doesn't even make offers he knows are laughable.  The sad part is that Koby Perez might be able, and has been able, to authorize more money to "free agents" than Elias.  
    • Say what you want about some of his International signings, he did sign Wei Yin Chen to a great deal!  I do think the current staff have more analytics to evaluate the talent on than Duquette's staff did so does make me feel a little better. Then again they thought they could fix Fuji too.
    • That was meant to be a joke.  
    • What ridiculous comment? And you used OHearn as an example as how people don’t truly understand what Elias is doing. If you don’t understand something, you are clueless as to what is happening.  Tony was the largest voice against that signing. So, if you are saying that ohearn is an example of people not understanding, you are saying those who spoke out against that signing (and btw, you certainly weren’t excited about it) don’t understand what’s going on.
    • Considering Bradish came over in the trade, anything else that comes out of the Bundy trade is the proverbial icing on the cake. Stallings BTW came over with Jean Pinto for Alex Cobb, not the Bundy deal. He's one of the weirder pitching prospects I've seen in some time. He's about as Jekyll and Hyde as it gets from start to start sometimes. I do wonder if a move to the pen would benefit him though. He had a start on Sept 7th against the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp that probably got him on the list, even if it's way down at the end. He was quite impressive that day missing bats with a variety of pitches and I believe he hit 95 MPH in that game (94.7).  Strangely, while Peek has much better command and gives off Spencer Watkins vibes, Stallings to me may have a better chance of becoming someone of value in a relief role.   
    • Lol, so nowhere even close to the ballpark of the 7/$172M that he got. I don't know whether to be happy that we made a bid or embarrassed that it was so far off.
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