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Top Ten Ways to Survive the Great Oriole Swoon of 2017


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10) What swoon? That's fake news!!! The Orioles have WON six in a row, and not only have the best record in baseball, but they have the biggest crowds too! 

9) What goes down must come up. (Or is that backwards?)

8) As some will explain in meticulous detail, it's a long season. Now think of the pleasure you will get as you [imagine] punching these people in the jaw!

7) Throughout these losses, the Orioles have demonstrated superb pitching. Soon the O's front office will orchestrate a trade for some of those superb pitchers. 

6) With a few breaks, the Orioles could still go 140-22. Of course, this involves breaks in the pitching arm of every opposing pitcher.

5) The Orioles hitters continue to dominate the fifth inning, leading the AL in slugging (.527) and OPS (.904), with a .377 OBP. Sure, there are those other pesky innings, and sure, the Orioles pitchers have a 5.55 ERA in the fifth inning, but golly, can the Orioles hit in the fifth inning!!!

4) No matter how bad the Orioles are, the new Bay Watch movie is even worse. 

3) With one stroke of his bat (followed by a manic sprint), Chris Davis moved the Orioles from last place in the majors in triples to merely tied for last place with 3. Oh, and the O's are also tied for last place in the majors in stolen bases (12). See, we get to share the mockery! (Well, except for sacrifices, where we're dead last in the majors with 2.) 

2) Always remember that "Losing Streak" is just an anagram for "Angelos' Skirt." This must mean something profound. 

1) Buck Showalter is becoming more and more like all-time great Hall of Fame manager Casey Stengel - both have the same question

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    • I hope the front office knows the Frazier signing was super dumb use of resources when you have top IF talent like Westburg.
    • Really enjoyed seeing Wells' confidence today.  Looked great. 
    • Taking what I have seen from ST and past performance: 1)  Grayson Rodriguez -  He is not there yet but over the course of 2023 I think he become the staff ace.   I am not even sure he makes the rotation to begin the season but he has the best stuff and makeup to be the O's best starter. 100 IP   3.50 ERA  2) DL Hall -  He is changing from a thrower to a pitchers.  His pitches are off the chart but he has to calm down.  Still has to master his pitches from the stretch.   Begins as AAA but he is likely to find his control early in the season. TOR Starter in the making. 100 IP   3.50 ERA 3) Kyle Bradish  -  Has the pitches and the durability.  Will blow up now and then but overall he has he stuff to beat any team on a given day.   Will be going deep in games soon.  #2 stuff. 170 IP   3.28 ERA (like 2nd half) 4) Dean Kremer -  Growing into a solid starter.   His stuff is there.   #3 Stuff 160 IP  3.23 ERA (like last year) 5) John Means -   Former All Star just need to get healthy.  See him in July.  May be better in 2024 than in 2023.  #3 stuff 75 IP  3.81 ERA (Career ERA) 6) Tyler Wells -  He goes 5 inning and allow 1 run, he could be in the rotation to begin the season.   Average fastball but he has 5 pitches.  #4 starter stuff 130 IP   3.38 ERA  (last year 1st half) 7)   Cole Irvin -  I have enjoyed watching him this spring but he is only facing AAA competition.   I still need to understand  why he had a 5.29 ERA away from Oakland Stadium.   #5  Capable of  180 IP    4.20 ERA 8  Kyle Gibson -  The O's defense, the Wall and Holt/Holmes  coaching will help him but he is only a #5.   Similar to Jordan Lyles. May be traded in July for  a prospect. 100 IP   4.32 ERA 9)  Spenser Watkins -  Good backup starter who pitches better as a starter than a reliever.  Will probably not see a lot of time in the majors.  Capable of 140 IP  4.17 ERA as a starter but will probably not get that opportunity in the majors. 10)  Voth  - Probably a mid/long reliever and swing man.   Had a nice year as a starter for the O's last year.  3.04 ERA  (like last season) 11) Bruce Zimmermann -  Looks better this spring but I really can't place him after last years performance.      
    • "He's a funny guy, that parrot, isn't he?" "He sure is."
    • Wells was very good today. Grayson was great last year in triple a and is obviously a top prospect, but you’d be hard pressed to say he was one of the orioles top 5 starters this spring 
    • Have watched every game that's been on TV, whether by MASN or the other networks.  Currently watching Pittsburgh Sportsnet broadcast.  Have listened to every game but 2, followed the last Grayson Rodriguez game on Gameday which was incredibly tedious, as they didn't note each pitch, only the outcome of each at bat.  Before I met weams, I used to say I'd never meet anyone who'd put up with the amount of baseball I watch -- he was my perfect match, watched just as much as I did!  But then, you guys knew that. 
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