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Alex Presley - Mil Deal


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1 hour ago, now said:

So is Santander a lost cause? Nobody's talking about him much. Still an intriguing player, no?

The thing with Santander is, no one really knows anything about him. Crushed the ball in the Carolina league when he was with the Indians organization, but he is an unknown to the Orioles fans mainly. Only appeared for a bit last season and didn't get off to a hot start like Beckham did when he got here. Got overshadowed by Hays too, plus Bucks comment this off season about Santander not being garunteed to make the team even as a Rule 5...Tends to bring him down.

I got good hopes for him, but I want him to hit like he did in AA during his rehab last year, not how he hit in the Arizona Fall League...

Very intriguing, just needs to put it together and make the most of the chances he gets.

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