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Bowie vs. Akron 9-5-08

"Mickey" Manto

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They should make a point by bringing up Luis Lebron and have him hit Hafner with his wild 96 MPH fastball. Indians organization = Bush League

While I don't agree with Hafner playing in this series, I also cannot advocate hitting Hafner with a 96 MPH fastball. I truly believe that would be wrong. I don't blame Hafner for doing his best. I doubt he made the decision to have himself play for Akron.

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    • As for people who think John will sell,don't think it will happen.What else gives him this power. The suits raised concerns among fans that a sale of the team could mean it would move. Louis Angelos suggested in one filing that John Angelos, who has a home in Nashville, could relocate the team to Tennessee. John Angelos has said repeatedly the team will not leave Baltimore, and sources told The Sun he wants to maintain his family’s majority ownership, even if a portion of its shares are sold.
    • On Jan. 26, Judge Keith Truffer ordered a range of documents to be turned over to Louis Angelos and his lawyers, including from Wells Fargo and Goldman Sachs, an investment firm Georgia Angelos worked with on a possible sale of the Orioles. The judge also wanted Louis Angelos’ team to receive any documents and communications regarding a possible sale of the family’s interest in the Orioles or MASN. Truffer had set a deadline of 14 days, instructing Georgia and John Angelos to “produce financial statements reflecting the financial condition of the Baltimore Orioles Limited Partnership (”BOLP”), which includes the Orioles and the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network, from January 1, 2017, to the present.” Further, he wrote, they also would provide documents to show “compensation or other benefits paid to John Angelos from January 1, 2017 to present in connection with his duties for BOLP, including his work for the Baltimore Orioles and the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network.”
    • Sun says one of ththe reasons they settled was because of were getting closer to financial records being released. As legal battle delved further into Angelos family’s personal, financial dealings, they agree to drop lawsuits – Baltimore Sun httpsFCC://www.baltimoresun.com/maryland/bs-md-angelos-suit-settled-20230206-pqx4qtlw65dljjyihnmwywyv5i-story.html
    • It's certainly a start for sure. I really want it lower in the minors where it's tougher to get good video, but I take what I can get!
    • Probably the college world series.  The O's are paying for his decline phase!
    • oWAR + dWAR does not = WAR.  There is a positional adjustment to oWAR and dWAR that is double-counted if you simply add the two numbers.    That said, you are correct that Manny’s best rWAR year was his age 22 season.  His rWAR total that year was 7.5, not 8.0.  By fWAR, 2022 was Manny’s best year.  In any event, I think it’s fair to say Manny’s still in his prime, based on his excellent 2022 campaign.    
    • webbrick's way off base here, but by oWAR + dWAR Machado's career high was 8.0 in his age 22 season and he had 7.4 last year.
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