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Brewers fire Yost


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This must be a situation where the GM/ownership were absolutely convinced that Yost had lost the clubhouse (perhaps players had told them as much). I can't remember the last time I saw a contending team, fighting for its postseason life, fire its manager with two weeks left in the season.

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Sheesh! Didn't see that coming.

He made a couple semi-questionable moves in Philly, and his team seems like they're trying to miss the playoffs, but still, I'm surprised.

His team also collapsed down the stretch last season, and there were some folks surprised that he didn't get canned at the end of the season over that.

I guess his ownership was trying to avoid having 2008 be a repeat of 2007.

Many Cards fans were surprised more by the timing than by the firing itself. There was also surprise that bench coach Ted Simmons was reassigned instead of being named manager. Speculation was that Simmons opposed the firing and may have declined the job.

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The only thing that would surprise Cards fans is if La Russa were canned not Ned.;)

There would be dancing in the streets and crying in their beers -- depending upon which "faction" the fan is in.

Birds on the Bat: ned yost canned runs to 40-some posts already.

Some examples:

Does this mean we can fire Tony now?

He's being sarcastic. JY is a fervid La Russa defender.

See, this is what happens in other cities when the team tanks and the manager has an attitude problem.

I'm jealous.

kfmac is serious.

Let me get this straight....

You are jealous of the Brewers organization over the last 10 years?


Good Lord, how did you draw that conclusion?

I'm jealous of a GM or ownership that will hold the manager accountable for tanking repeatedly in September (two years for them) and having a poor attitude in his relations with the media and fans.

Yost was a cocky, arrogant punk. Just watch him conduct interviews. He's smug. He constantly has clubhouse issues and insults the media.

Sound familiar?

Check our record in the last three Septembers (despite a miracle title in which they about blew the lead).

Then, pay attention to how little respect Larussa has for the media, fans, his doghouse players and his hard-geared demands to ownership and spite when they buck him.

He pouts and quits and the team followed suit.

So yes, I'm jealous. I wish our team would fire Tony.

Very little discussion at the other Cardinals forum I frequent. St. Louis Sports Forum: Ned Yost Fired

Good timing in my opinion... a chance to have late season spurt and....

they wanted him gone and if he snuck into playoffs, it becomes harder to get the firing done.

More news coverage of the firing:

MLB.com: Brewers dismiss manager Yost

Reports that GM Doug Melvin will address the reasons at a 6:30 PM Central Time news conference. Guess I better go flip the channel to ESPN.

Here's another take on the firing. Ken Rosenthal: Desperate move might just work for Brewers

The final blow might have been Yost's decision to allow Brian Shouse, a left-handed reliever, to face Pat Burrell, a right-handed hitter, in the eighth inning of a tie game in the opener of Sunday's double-header.

Yost failed to allow Shouse to pitch to Ryan Howard, ordering an intentional walk in front of Burrell even though Howard was batting only .212 against left-handers. Then Yost failed to summon a right- hander to face Burrell, who delivered the go-ahead hit in the Phillies' 7-3 victory.

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