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Instant replay reviews make MLB look stupid.


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I basically only watch Orioles games. Several times this year I have seen a play reviewed by the umpires that with the irrefutable evidence on my TV set, the umpires in NY can't get it right. They are not inclined to overturn the call  made on the field even though thousands of fans watching at home can clearly see they blew the call. This really makes baseball look stupid, or maybe stupid isn't the right word. It makes them look retarded. Just today, Mullins was safe at 3rd on his attempted triple. His hand definitely touched 3rd base before the tag was made. Umps blew it again, they would not overturn the call made on the field.

Why delay the game, and show fans the replay with different camera views, and then have the Umps make an incorrect call?

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MLB isn't the only sport that suffers from this sort of thing.  If you watch the NFL or college football, you see instant replay resulting  in incredibly wrong results all the time.

I remain convinced that all sports were better before replay reviews were instituted.

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