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Orioles Go 1-18 Against The Rays In 2021


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Worst season records since unbalanced schedule (2001)

2021 TBR 1-18
2019 NYY 2-17
2009 BOS 2-16
2018 BOS 3-16
2006 BOS 3-15
2008 TBR 3-15
2010 TOR 3-15
2002 TOR 4-15
2004 NYY 5-14
2018 TOR 5-14

10X the Orioles lost 14 or more times to an opponent.  The most they ever achieved was 13 wins

2012 BOS 13-5
2006 TBR 13-6
2014 NYY 13-6
2016 TBR 13-6
2005 TBR 12-6
2017 TOR 12-7

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12 minutes ago, Frobby said:

Hopefully we’ll make up for this by beating NY and Boston a few times.   

To date, the O's have more losses to TB (1-18) than BOS (4-9) and NY (5-8) combined. 2 home/away series vs. each remain.  TB has a winning record vs both NY (9-7) and BOS (7-5), so they're doing it on their own.

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This is the proof of the competency or lack thereof for the 2 organizations.  One organization does most baseball things right, while the other does most things wrong and has longer than fans care to remember.   The question has always been for me, why do not the Orioles hire baseball people  throughout the organization, top to bottom, who really know baseball, rather than those who would like to know  the ins and outs of baseball {no pun intended).  It starts with the scouting of course,  and carries all the way through the organization.  Tampa also plays in the AL East,  remember.  

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