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The Mark Teixeira Watch part III


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I didn't know if I should start a new thread or not but since this one has been started I just saw this....

From KFFL.com

Red Sox | Team offers Teixeira proposed six-year deal

Sun, 14 Dec 2008 23:10:28 -0800

According to The New York Post, the Boston Red Sox apparently have offered free-agent 1B Mark Teixeira (Angels) a six-year, $150 million contract.

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You might want to close down this thread, my friend. The mods don't appreciate new threads being opened on the same topic, when they've already closed an old thread on the same subject.

It might be in your best interest to swing the idea by them first.

How do I delete it?

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Maybe in the next couple of years, but who knows after that? Tex is just using Boston to get more from the Orioles IMO...

Or he's using the Os to get more money from Boston...If he's looking to win, Charm City probably isn't his most likely destination.

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This is stolen from another thread.

This morning on Mike & Mike, Buster Olney said the Red Sox, Angels and Nats were in on Tex and that he expected the Orioles to drop out this week.

Hey at least we are still mentioned.

I really think Tex comes to a decision by next week since he has stated he wants to know where he is going to play by christmas.

Hopefully we at least stay in it to the end. Its hard to tell which offers are actually on the table from the other teams.

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    • I would offer 4 years for $75-80 million. Trade for Lopez and the rotation would be more than set. 
    • Distinctly remember having a debate with @DrungoHazewoodseveral years ago about McGriff’s candidacy. I wonder if he’s changed his tune. 
    • It's only 2 pages if you take out duplicate posts and unrelated to Gibson posts. It is decibel going to be a long offseason.  Haha
    • He's currently #12. If he collects the entire contract, he will be in the top 2-3. Verlander likely still beats him with this next contract, but I agree it's still close. My point is that ToR starters are wickedly expensive and if Grayson becomes one, as many have postulated he might, having him early in his career when he is cost contained and thoughtfully dispositioning him when he becomes expensive will have an enormous impact on the finances of the ball club. I think mores than Adley and Gunnar but I could be very wrong. 
    • I’m willing to wait and be patient until the end of the offseason. What choice do any of us really have? But if the Orioles plan is to “nickel and dime” Free Agents, go bargain bin shopping, rely on prospect growth, and convince fans they are still in a rebuild with a “limited budget”; I think this will tell me all I need to know. The first name may have changed with ownership, but the last name is still the same. If we don’t spend big now with this minuscule payroll when will we ever? If arb is going to be used as a reason to not spend on Free Agency will it get better when our younger players get more expensive through raises? My greatest hope is that the Orioles actually care about their fans and MORE IMPORTANTLY about winning a championship. I know to each his/her own, but I will never be able to get behind billions budgeting and pinching pennies to make more millions.
    • It’s a huge problem in our society today that if something gets said three times on Twitter, people will take it for a fact.  Let’s just wait until we have an authoritative report.   
    • Reveal show had detail it was in-person meeting today (so Kim Ng couldn't be working on her Orioles trades).    Chipper had a travel-cancelling illness, and was replaced by some old Diamondbacks exec the current HOF president could get on short notice. Congrats Crime Dog.    I either forgot or never knew the detail from Harold Reynolds after the announcement it was Kirby Puckett who bestowed the nickname on a Japan tour.
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