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ROY Rules - could they alter the Opening Day Roster?


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Rookies obviously must be included on the opening day roster for a chance at rookie of the year and a compensatory pick, so does that alter the numbers they’d normally carry to have more lottery tickets to get that coveted spot? My meaning is, Jackson Holliday, Kyle Stowers, and Colton Cowser, I believe are your rookie of the year candidates for the O’s this year. So does that change the numbers game by starting off with an extra position player for the first series and one less bullpen arm to make that work?

So first base - Mounty/ohearn

second base - Holliday/westy

short stop - Gunnar/mateo

third base - Urias/westy

catcher - Adley/mccann

left field - purple hays/cowser/stowers

center - Mully/the cow

right field - Santander/cowser/stowers


or do you go one further and add Heston as well and go with an 11 man pitching staff, again, just for that first series?

its ok to game the system a bit if it means more possibilities for ROY considering these guys are going to lose their rookie eligibility anyway. 

what are your thoughts Birdland?

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Just to be precise, rookies do not need to be on the OD roster to earn a draft pick.  But they have to be in the majors early enough where they earn 172 days of service time.   For us, that’s April 11 this year.   

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Kjerstad and Mayo could both win it! 

I think the rules really argue for giving Holliday a shot. 

Am I correct that if any rookies starting on the OD roster were to struggle, we could option them for a month or so and then gain the extra year? (Assuming they don't come back and finish top two).

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