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Heading down to Sarasota on Tuesday morning


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It might be interesting to talk to some locals there (except for Joe the Barista) and find out what the locals think of the Orioles moving ST there.

It would be nice to get some quotes too from some of the Orioles "B" arms, like Berken, Britton, Bundy, Beato, Bascom and Butler to see how they are doing.

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I would like you to get a look at Rowell, Snyder and Erbe. I think all of these guys are at an important point in their careers. Rowell needs to hit a ton to be a corner outfielder in the majors. Snyder has to pick up a little more power and prove he can play defence. Erbe needs to bring the homeruns down some and get a little sharper.

I am very eager for them to show improvement.

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How is Hoes looking defensively? What's the buzz on some of our second line of pitchers beyond the Big 3 and Bergesen, such as Erbe, Britton, Hernandez, Bundy and Drake?

I, too, am interested in Miclat.

Yes; Hoes, Bundy and Drake for me as well.

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If there is anything in particular you are wondering about ask in this thread and I'll see what I can dig up over the next three days in Sarasota.

Which pitchers are likely to be on staff in Bowie?

Which 4 or 5 are likely to be the startering pitchers in Bowie?

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Tony- How about your take on the field condition situation? Doc says there's nothing wrong, Melewski says teams don't want to play on it.

Nothing is really "wrong." Perhaps a little dip between 2nd and 3rd in the infield on Field 1. However, the other teams are playing on near major-league diamonds and the drought at Sarasota has been rough on the grass. However, it is still better than many SALLY league diamonds.

A couple of the players did tell me that the other teams don't want to come to Twin Lakes. When I saw the minor leagiue Quadraplex at Port Charolotte, it looked almost major league quality for ALL fields. At first they reminded me of Bowie's field, but as the games wore on, they looked even better in the way they played. The "facilities" are much more modern as well.

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    • Denyi Reyes signs with the Mets on a minor league deal.     https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2022/11/mets-sign-denyi-reyes-to-minor-league-deal.html
    • Thought this would be a good place to post Orioles related stuff.
    • Worley has been elevated to the roster in front of this game. I think a decision will need to be made after this game as I think that he used up the exemption 
    • You guys that are worrying about blocking guys crack me up. If you aren’t adding in free agency you aren’t trying to win now. Besides the Os don’t have 7 allstar ballplayers coming up in the next 2 or 3 year.
    • Going from Mullins to Kiermaier is a downgrade and there is no proof that Cowser has anywhere close to the range of Mullins.   Better to keep Mullins and sign a FA starter. Stowers and Cowser will push Santander and Hays for playing time  in the near future but not quite yet.    I like the depth they provide.   Did you see how injuries hit Tampa last year?
    • Yes, they can.  But could they improve more by downgrading somewhat in CF to get a pitcher who’s a better option than anyone available on the FA market, age, health, ability and cost all considered?   That’s the question.   I’m not saying the answer is clear, but that is what Elias & co. need to consider.   And it depends on what Mullins would bring back and what the alternatives are in CF.   Trade Mullins straight up for Lopez and sign Kiermaier until Cowser is ready?   I am not crazy about that one.  But there could be some similar scenario that works.  
    • There are many ways to improve.  In my opinion starting pitching is our greatest weakness.  If we can trade from our strengths, position players, to enhance our pitching staff, then do it if the right deal came along.  I'd be willing to part with about any position player on our mlb roster other than Adley and Gunnar.  If Mullins is our most valuable trade piece on the roster, then trade him for pitching.  I feel we have enough young talent coming up to replace his production in the lineup. Let's be clear, I'm not advocating a firesale or anything goofy. But with Westburg, Ortiz, Stowers, Cowser, etc all possibly seeing MLB time this year and hopefully outperforming who they replace in the lineup, and a full year of Gunnar and Adley, I expect the runs scored to increase even if we don't add bats from free agency.  But it's the arms that worry me as Grod only 1 starter and will be limited on pitches.  I'm ok with trading a position starter if we can get a worthwhile pitcher, and Mullins may be the best chip to play.   And given that I'm down on him repeating a 3.8 WAR season or better in 2023, he'd be at the top of my list.  We will get more for him than we would for a Hays, Mateo or Urias.
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