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Strasburg Video

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Here is a video from a yahoo article on Strasburg. While there are a lot of highlights and his stuff is down right electric, just by using the pause feature at the right time you can see that his timing is still problematic and he gets his arm in a position of hyperabduction. I'm not feeling too great about his longterm value, as he seems similar to a guy like Zumaya who throws hard, abeit with timing and hyperabduction problems.

With his arm speed, the injury risk increases, so I wouldn't count on Strasburg being a 20 year guy. I could see a Prior like rise and decline in him. That said, I'm sure any team who drafts him will get a few good years out of him. If he falls to us, I wouldn't hesitate to pull the trigger, but I wouldn't want to give him any long term deals right off the bat.

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