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Liz hits 102MPH!


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I'm not sure why you are responding to me, but I know. As you said in the post I replied to:

Guidry definitely walked fewer batters, so presumably he had better control. Maybe Guidry had better stuff too, perhaps even "in a class far above Bedard's" and there is something more than stuff + control that is more important than the two, but Guidry never had a season where he came close to striking out batters like EB has this year (3 K/9 less), although K rates in general were down in 1978 so its closer than it first looks when you think about where they are vis-a-vie the league - but EB still shines.

Because the discussion wasn't about K rates. It was about how hard Guidry threw. You bringing up K rates seems to indicate you think that proved something, but K rates can be affected by lots of things. For example, Johan Santana got 9 of his SO's the other day from changeups. Guidry - who was definitely not a finesse pitcher - didn't have a changeup. Maybe if he did, he would have gotten a lot more SO's. Point being - K rates were irrelevant to the discussion.

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The post in the tracker was that the pitch was clocked at 102, immediately followed by a breaking ball/changeup at 85. This, I think, was what I personally was excited about. Still, it was impressive to see the 102.

But if we're talking about 98 (as pointed out by BowieMike when he asked the scouts about their readings), then we're also talking about 81 - which is still a sweet 17 mph differential. He also threw the fastball, changeup, and a slider effectively Monday night. Good signs, I think, of the progress he's making.

I completely agree with you. I'm glad that he's supposedly throwing a change up, hopefully improving his control and progressing in general.

I was referring more to the posts which go something along the lines of, "OMG, Liz hit 102 mph on the radar gun. Get him up here ASAP...."

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    • I may be overly bullish with what I said, but what I meant was I think our lineup will be elite to the point a "defense/speed only" CF is probably OK if it came to it.
    • The point is, that if we extend Gunnar for 12 years and $300 million (I just made up a contract with easy math), he isn’t going to make $25 million next season. He’s going to make something like $2 million because it’s a pre-arbitration year. Then he’ll makes something like $7 million in 2026 $12 million in 2027, and $18 million in 2028. A mid market deal for a player (like 3 years for $45 million or 4 years for $56 million) should not impact the team’s ability to pay those salaries in those years. Extensions are about security. Teams don’t just hand exponentially more to players than they would make in those years when they structure the extension. “The Arb game” has nothing to do with this. It is about how extensions are structured and how a shorter term mid-market deal shouldn’t prevent them from paying those types of salaries in the early years of an extension (i.e., the first 3-4 years of an extension). If you don’t believe me, use the Internet and look up what Fernando Tatis Jr. has been paid in the early years of his extension or what Witt Jr. will make.  Burnes is a completely different discussion, but again I don’t believe the team has any interest in extending him. The Lunhow/Elias/Mejdal Astros provide a decent blueprint to what I think they’ll do with respect to pitching.
    • I don't think you can describe anyone who's still in A ball with 133 career pro PAs at age 22 as having a floor of three wins a season. At this point it's an open question as to whether he tops three wins in any MLB season. If you look for comparable players, say .310-.330 OBP, little power, plus-plus basestealing and CF defense, I think the archetype in recent baseball is Michael Bourn. Who did top out with some really good 5-6 win seasons, but tailed off quickly and only had 5-6 seasons as an above-average regular. Beyond him you're looking at guys like Jarrod Dyson, Dee Strange-Gordon, Ben Revere. But only a handful of years each as average to average-plus MLB regulars. And then lots and lots of players who didn't even reach that kind of level. I think we have a few years before we figure out where on that spectrum Bradfield falls.
    • 7 game winning streak since leaving Baltimore, the longest in the league so far this year. 
    • O's caught a huge break when the second base umpire called Jackson safe (rightfully so) in the ninth. No challenges left. Perhaps Hyde set the umpire up with the previous challenge. I lived a long life with the phantom play at second base, glad it wasn't called this time...Cold, late in the game...kudos to the ump.
    • It depends on if they can throw the breaking stuff for strikes. Haven't you heard? The FB is now thrown less than 50% of the time league-wide. 
    • Stealing puts a lot of wear and tear on the body.  So many things can go wrong and it's an incredibly long season.  Keeping their bodies in best shape to perform is very challenging.  I'd like to see them steal, but I think they need to pick their spots.  
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