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Hobgood's Start Tonight in Salisbury


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I'm impressed by this start. The numbers are great. The velocity is pretty conistent from what we've heard along the way. I'm sure most of us are hoping that the 87-91 changes to 90-94 at some point but I can certainly enjoy these kind of results for now.

You are worrying too much about velocity. If you watched last nite's game the Seattle starter was blowing 87MPH fastballs by Markakis and Jones like they were 107. How was this possible? Because he was changing speeds and hitting his spots - in other words, location, location, location. (97 MPH down the middle of the plate is worthless in the major leagues).

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Great start for Hobgood. Very encouraging. His heavy fastball and sharp curve should net a good amount of GBs and Ks.

At draft day the consensus was that he was a 88-92 MPH guy. I was pretty skeptical of the reports that he had been sitting 92-95. I don't think he'll ever end up being a power fastball kind of pitcher, but if he refines his command and continues to get good action on his pitches I think he can be a solid mid-rotation starter.

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