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Which of our draftees are potential "overslots"?

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I would expect Austin Urban and Jaime Esquivel to be tough signs, as they are Penn St. and Rice commits, respectively. Sebastien Vader could also be a guy that requires top 10 round money to sign due to his commitment to San Diego St.

I do know that a good amount of our top 10 picks will require more money to sign, and I'm sure in the next couple days we'll here from Jordan and get a better idea of who he likes outside of the top 10.

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I agree. I think this year's Cameron Coffey is Austin Urban. Though it appears that Urban may not have as much upside as Coffey.

I think Narron is probably another. But if you want to talk about Rd. 10+, Urban is your guy.

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As a general rule, the JuCo kids with offers to solid D-I programs next year will likely cost six figures, which is overslot. I have a feeling that's what you'll see come May. A lot of low six-figure signings spread out over the late single-digit to early double-digit rounds. As with past drafts, BAL didn't hit many of the "national kids" and will rely on the quality of their scouting the HS and JuCo scene. Could be they are going to grab some real quality at a low investment. Time will tell.

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    • Twenty people believe there’s a trade before the season that changed the offseason? Hmm I said it when Elias was hired. Nothing of any significance will change until there’s new ownership.  Actually, I questioned his ability to perform his duties with the current ownership. I’m still waiting for an impact signing. However, I think they may have a chance with the young guys. Of course, that assumes a big season from Adley, Gunnar and GrayRod and it’s likely at least one of that group has growing pains.    I also hope Hall gets a real shot as a SP. Too many people didn’t recognize the strides he made in season and he’s always been a starter. His stint in the pen was useful, but that kid has electric stuff.  Don’t get me wrong, Elias has been ok, but how much could he do if they loosened the purse strings? Yes, I know, the Frazier signing, but how bout that Gibson guy!  
    • The biggest development of the season will be the sale of the team.
    • We will be fortunate if GRod has a sub 4 ERA. I don’t see him as any more important than the rest of the starters.  If he is ever a true ace (and the odds are against that), it won’t likely be in 2023. The biggest development to this year will be revolved around all the young players, not just one. Everything about this team and the future success of this organization hinges on them. 
    • I'd say that is a yes. https://www.mlb.com/glossary/transactions/service-time  
    • Unusual, in that Birds usually avoid both Fox and Wolf.
    • Why not keep Al and NL just make each have East and West Divisions. Al East is our current group plus Chicago WS and Cleveland plus an expansion in Charlotte-Nashville. AL west gets the rest NL east is that current group plus Chicago Cubs, Pittsburg, and Cincinnati. the west gets the rest plus an expansion in Vegas or wherever. You play your division 15 times (105 games) and the other division say 6 times (48 games). That gets you to 153, add a 3 game inter league to a close geographic rival (Gnats) you are at 156. Expand Playoffs so top 4 in each Division in. the top 2 advance to face the other geographic Division. league winners in WS
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