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Conference tourneys thread

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Oh, I definitely agree. UAB and VCU have no place in the tournament. Colorado is most deserving of the bubble-bursted teams. I just think it's a really weak year.

I'm gonna try and take of my black and gold VCU glasses for a second, but I'll admittedly say I'm stoked (who wouldn't be.) I'm not arguing for or against anybody because that's not my job to do, but here's my thinking.

Colorado had a horrendous OOC schedule, that's what hurt them. They relied on their conference schedule to get them in, which they played well, and then padded the rest with cupcakes.

VT had a decent OOC schedule, but with losses to UVA, GT, and BC, that's not helping.

All 3 CAA teams that got in had higher RPI's than Tech and Colorado.

I honestly think Tech needs to start looking at scheduling a home and home with VCU, ODU, or Mason. It would be good for both schools and it would sell out at any of the courts.

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