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vs. YANKEES 8/28 (Game One)


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Let's beat those ****ing Yanks. :angryfire:


A.J. Burnett - RHP (9-10, 4.96 ERA)


Tommy Hunter - RHP (2-2, 4.95 ERA)

Let's do it again. :angryfire:


Derek Jeter – DH

Curtis Granderson – CF

Mark Teixeira – 1B

Alex Rodriguez – 3B

Robinson Cano – 2B

Nick Swisher – RF

Andruw Jones – LF

Eduardo Nunez – SS

Francisco Cervelli – C

Ivan Nova - RHP (13-4, 3.97 ERA)


J.J. Hardy – SS

Nick Markakis – RF

Adam Jones – CF

Vladimir Guerrero – DH

Matthew Wieters – C

Mark Reynolds – 1B

Ryan Adams – 2B

Nolan Reimold – LF

Robert Andino – 3B

Zach Britton - RHP (7-9, 4.54 ERA)

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Britton's chance to show he's really back.

AJ back in the lineup.

Several O's with hot bats, but we especially need the lefty hitters to swing well--Markakis and Matt are the only ones still in the lineup. (No Luke and Pie: ironic that both buddies are down.) Right-handed Nova has a severe Lefty-Righty split: .296 vs. .234.

It wd be great if Adams rakes the whole series. What a lift for him that would be after a tough season of earning his call-up.

Is the "46" up on the MASN facade the rest of the season?

It seems that everytime I think of Flanny the sorrow gets deeper--the O's community really needs to exorcise this one victory after another! Go Orioles, Go! :clap3:

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Just watching the pregame the wind seemed to be whipping out towards Eutaw Street. It is going to be a crazy game. I sure hope the Orioles allowed ticket holders to exchange for another date if, I don't know....they're blocked by a tree, out of power...awful wet etc....

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