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Philip Humber vs. the Mariners 4/21/12


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    • If its  just a forearm strain and it’s just 15 days we should consider ourselves lucky. 
    • I never saw this posted. Basically he was just bad for the Orioles.
    • Yep..I thought Mullins was directly due to injuries but maybe not. 
    • Same. I think he's capable of being a 20+ HR guy with regular AB's.    Right now he doesn't have to be Barry Bonds in order to be an upgrade over any of the 3. It's a plus that he hits lefties at a decent clip too.
    • And they were two of the team's better hitters in the first half last year. At that July 1 date both were still over .800 OPS. 
    • Many of Brown's quippy/punny references go over my head because of my age. But I don't mind them, and sometimes the ones I do catch get me thinking of one-upping or responding to them. (If inn a home game one of JoJo's college teammates singled with a man on first and the runner advanced two bases, they were standin' on the corners in Prescott, Arizona.) That stuff doesn't bother me because it ordinarily lasts only a few seconds and rarely interferes with the game or with something about baseball that Ben or Jim would have said. I'm not turned off by the fact that Brown's efforts to show the world how clever he is sometimes make him sound (as well as look) like an insecure teenager. What really bugs me about Brown is his tendency to go off on long tangents, sometimes alone or and sometimes with the color guy, about stuff unrelated to the game: ice cream, the food they're eating, Ben's experience at LSU, etc., etc., often having him demonstrate that he knows more about something than Ben or Jim. During that time the game, and reflections on what has happened or might happen next, don't seem to matter. I'm listening while I watch a televised game because I believe the announcers will enhance mu understanding of the game, the teams and the players. I'm not interested in the announcers' views on unrelated stuff. ) And for me Brown's teasing of McDonald about his lack of sophistication, or whatever quality it is that Brown likes to make fun of, got old a long time ago.  
    • And on top of that Santander is putting up a .564 OPS versus RHP this year, but he's hitting 1.027 OPS against LHP. The outfield is a problem and there's no reason Stowers shouldn't be seeing significant playing time if he's going to be on the the roster.
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