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vs. MARINERS 7/03


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Hernandez is very good, but he's not invincible.

Wei-Yin, we need a bounce-back game.

Defense, back the man up.

Offense, show some pride, and make every plate appearance count.


Xavier Avery - LF

J.J. Hardy - SS

Chris Davis - RF

Adam Jones - CF

Jim Thome - DH

Matt Wieters - C

Wilson Betemit - 1B

Ryan Flaherty - 3B

Robert Andino - 2B

Wei-Yin Chen - LHP (7-4, 3.73 ERA)


Ichiro Suzuki - RF

Casper Wells - LF

Kyle Seager - 3B

Jesus Montero - DH

Miguel Olivo - C

Michael Saunders - CF

Justin Smoak - 1B

Dustin Ackley - 2B

Brendan Ryan - SS

Felix Hernandez - RHP (6-5, 3.09 ERA)


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Cool--Does no O's lineup mean we've conceded scoring anything (saves time) and are betting everything on Chen shutting out the M's? Playing for the tie! :thumbsup1:
It means Avery is being activated and Brian Roberts Dl'd?
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I must admit--there's something reassuring about having Thome in the lineup. Hope it's not just a mirage like Vlad and Derrek Lee were.

He seems to not swing at three pitches and return to the bench, so It might be ok. Appears to have a feel for the strike zone.

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