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How Ichiro Cares For His Bats


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This is pretty interesting. An article on the lengths Ichiro goes to keep his bats in good shape and the wood dry:


Some appetizers:

The case, which looks like a mini trunk, not only protects the bats from jostling and banging during transports, it also serves as a dehumidifier, drawing moisture out of the bats during the hot, humid American summers.
At the bottom of his bat case, which is made for him by Mizuno, the same Japanese equipment manufacturer that still makes his bats, are two bags of moisture-absorbing blue pellets, much like larger versions of the small packets that come with some packaged goods. As the pellets absorb water they turn pink and Suzuki can monitor the level of humidity by how quickly the pellets change colors.
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Handling his bat like a cue stick. I'd expect nothing less from him.

I'm curious, how are everyone else's bats handled, thrown into the back of a pickup truck and hauled to the game over rough roads?

Pretty sure Luke Scott just carries his around and whenever he needs a new one, chops down the nearest tree and whittles it by hand.

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