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If we start Saunders on Friday...


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I don't think we will necessarily lose with Saunders starting. The Rangers just finished a huge choke job against the A's, getting swept out of the division title.

But I don't want Saunders to start a must win game. He's done a good job as a number 5 starter, but please not in a playoff.

After the Yankees won last night I thought the O's should save Tillman for the playoff game. But I can't complain about Buck even if he made one bad decision. with the job he's done this year.

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The OP is the same guy who basically called Buck an idiot, so take it with a huge grain of salt.

I said he's great in every facet of the game except when deciding when to pull the starting pitcher. And I don't know who wouldn't agree at this point that there are issues there. Pay attention.

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Darvish facing teams for the first time...

Red Sox 2.25 ERA

Indians 2.75 ERA

White Sox 2.00 ERA

Houston 5.50 ERA

KC 6.00 ERA

Twins 1.00 ERA

NYY 5.00 ERA

OAK (3 Starts) 2.00 ERA

SD 2.67 ERA

Tampa has got to him in 2 starts, 4.50 ERA.

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    • When was Elias hired - November 2018?    A tight aggressive check-raise move has been almost 6 years in the making. Scott and Puk with Skubal and Crochet are a strong quartet of the world's best LHP this season.    It probably entails some equity loss to yield them all to other championship contenders. It'd be asking a lot of Gunnar Henderson to drag the roster past all those guys in various postseason rounds.    He looked kinda feeble against Puk last night.
    • I actually like the idea of trading for Jazz Chisolm for our OF mix for the next few all-in seasons since he has the speed to cover CF or LF in OPACY. I really think the guy could be a superstar in a better run organization like the Orioles.  They need bats really badly, so maybe try to package a few of the blocked guys like Stowers and Norby with a couple of prospects, maybe Beavers and a pitcher they like, for Jazz and Scott?
    • I'm just hoping McDermott throws strikes, which has been a tall order for him this season.
    • Man what a difference a year makes in Westys value.  And that writeup summarizes it beautifully. Westy ranks one spot behind Robert (someone who has been discussed frequently here on OH as trade target), which makes for interesting challenge — who would Os fans rather have, Westy or Robert?
    • I am hoping for 6.3 years of Holliday/Mayo starting July 31st in the Toronto series finale.    One source gives Kikuchi as the TOR probable that day, but if he pitches that day it is maybe as likely for us as for them. All the posturing will be over.    Maybe demand for bats and creativity results in a Mullins, O'Hearn or Mountcastle deal from the top of the deck, never mind Urias. One week from today it isn't impossible a lineup could be: SS Gunnar, C Adley, RF Santander, 1B O'Hearn, 3B Westburg, LF Kjerstad, DH Mayo, CF Cowser, 2B Holliday Granted It would be an unprecedented simultaneous rookie integration tax but however thorough SIGBOT's models are, the differences between AAA and MLB play I believe make it unclear how good Mayo/Holliday could be this October without data like that. You could always do like Cowser in July-August 2023 and option them back to Norfolk after 36-44 service days if they don't look promising. 
    • I was going through some old prospect rankings as it related to Elias/Sig trades last night.  One thing that stood out so very glaringly was with regard to the deal where the Astros got Brian McCann from the Yankees. They traded Albert Abreu and Jorge Guzman to NYY.  At the time of the deal, neither guy was on the prospect ranking radar at all. But after joining NYY, they both quickly became top 100 prospects. Yes, they both had good seasons in 2017 — but it was just another example of how the sun shines a little more brightly (and a lot more quickly) on NYY prospects who show anything in the minors.
    • Imagine the Tigers fans drooling over trading us Skubal for a haul and signing Burnes or Fried in offseason.
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