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Fernando Rodney - Rays consdiering extending him....


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Anyone think the Rays will seriously extend Rodney? No way he doesn't just fall off a cliff in the next two years, right? Last year had to be an anomaly.


Fernando Rodney expressed confidence on Friday that he'll finalize a contract extension with the Rays in the near future.

Rodney added that he's already had discussions with management, and that he expects a deal to be finalized this month.

His ERA+ last year was 634, should be easy to repeat. :)

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I personally dont see it as an enomaly. I mean maybe some regression, but the dude is a stud if you watched him pitch at all last year. Upper 90s fastball, with an invisible change 10-13mph slower. He stopped throwing the slider and has become absolute filth. Its only 2 pitches, but hes totally random with them. Will throw either, in any count at any time. you are 50/50 guessing, and one is coming in at 100mph even if you guess right.

I was shaking my head in confusion when they signed him, but clearly they saw what we didnt. Would i extend a reliever coming off one insane season, probably not....but whoknows what the Rays have up their sleeves. If weve learned anything, it is dont question their bullpen decisions.

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