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Fernando Rodney - Rays consdiering extending him....


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Anyone think the Rays will seriously extend Rodney? No way he doesn't just fall off a cliff in the next two years, right? Last year had to be an anomaly.


Fernando Rodney expressed confidence on Friday that he'll finalize a contract extension with the Rays in the near future.

Rodney added that he's already had discussions with management, and that he expects a deal to be finalized this month.

His ERA+ last year was 634, should be easy to repeat. :)

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I personally dont see it as an enomaly. I mean maybe some regression, but the dude is a stud if you watched him pitch at all last year. Upper 90s fastball, with an invisible change 10-13mph slower. He stopped throwing the slider and has become absolute filth. Its only 2 pitches, but hes totally random with them. Will throw either, in any count at any time. you are 50/50 guessing, and one is coming in at 100mph even if you guess right.

I was shaking my head in confusion when they signed him, but clearly they saw what we didnt. Would i extend a reliever coming off one insane season, probably not....but whoknows what the Rays have up their sleeves. If weve learned anything, it is dont question their bullpen decisions.

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    • I do think front offices generally are trying to get more innings from big relief arms, looking at what the Giants are doing with Jordan Hicks, or even the Brewers with DL Hall. I believe the Sigbots seeing so many Arms that can be good once through the order is some of how/why the SP5 role isn't as prominent anymore.    SP5 does have more pre-trade deadline importance as the middle-tier Clubs see who is and is not having a good season any given year. Akin has been so good so far I'm sure he'll get expanded opportunities for more innings if he keeps throwing well.    He'd be an interesting Opener against a lineup with some strong left handed bats, and after last night looking for ways to ease things up for Tyler Wells may be helpful.
    • Sometimes we need to tip our hat to the other team.  We weren't hitting or pitching.  They were. People under-estimate Peralta as "just" a 5 and diver. MIL is a good team.  Ortiz looks like he could be an answer to one of their holes.  Chourio having a ROY start.  And Yelich is a competitor.  Hoskins > Tellez.  Other than the long-term decision of cashing out on Burnes, they made some good moves this off-season.
    • Is that reaching for the line drives back up the middle?
    • Wells will continue to get starts in trying to pursue that goal.   But he needs to improve. Means and Bradish aren't ready yet. Akin could be stretched out in the mean time.   Its not effecting any of the other starters until Akin is ready to go 5 innings.
    • The BP Annual made brief mention of his pitching motion having elite extension.
    • True but Cowser is the only Elias/Sig high 1st rounder in this group.     Its been almost 4 years of at least some uncertainty if his game would translate to MLB at all, and 4 days to dream on. Cowser even more than Kjerstad felt like a floor more than ceiling profile, so this tease of "I'm gonna make Adley hit 5th" is a big moove.
    • Whether that happens immediately or after a game or two, I expect that is the general plan with Ramirez. We had the luxury of a couple open 40-man spots, so it makes sense to grab a fringe player with decent stuff that has a good chance to pass through outright waivers. I guess counter argument would be: why would Orioles need to trade for him if no team was going to claim him? The other reason he might not get outrighted immediately is our lack of right-hand relief options on the 40-man. The only ones are Baker and Ort. Despite being  our hardest throwing options (outside of Charles), they’ve both been terrible so far.   Among non-40 man relievers, the only righty who has been decent is Albert Suarez (assuming we’re not skipping Keegan Gillies over AAA). However, he is out of options so couldn’t be removed from MLB active roster in future without exposure to waivers. I expect Elias to wait for more visibility into Bradish/Means/Perez status before Suarez becomes a consideration.
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