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5/20 vs. Yankees


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Gardner LF

Cano 2B

Hafner DH

Overbay 1B

Granderson LF

Adams 3B

Suzuki RF

Brignac SS

Romine C

Sabathia P


Markakis RF

Machado 3B

Hardy SS

Jones CF

Davis 1B

Wieters C

Valencia DH

Pearce LF

Casilla 2B

Garcia P

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<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>Per Fangraphs pitch FX, Sabathia FB velo last 3 years: 93.9 in 2011, 92.4 in 2012 and 90.1 mph in 2013.</p>— Steve Melewski (@masnSteve) <a href="

">May 20, 2013</a></blockquote>

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    • Jackson Holliday is 20. At AAA, there are 2 batters that are 20. And Jackson Holliday is one of them.  There are only 6 players that are 21. If we consider all players at AAA with a minimum of 50 PA between the ages of 20-22, there are 34 of them. Some are no longer at AAA (ex: James Wood). Jackson Holliday among those 34: 3rd best OBP 14th best SLG 8th best OPS 15th best AVG 15th best ISO 16th best K% 7th best WOBA 12th most HR 1st in 2B 6th in SB What does this tell me? Well, he's really f'ing good for a 20 year old. Especially since nearly 80% of the guys on that list are 22. Even if you add the 23 year olds in the mix (total of 64 people 23 and under): 4th best OBP 28th best SLG 13th best OPS 26th best AVG 25th best ISO 29th best K% 11th best WOBA 20th most HR 1st in 2B 12th in SB The improvement between AAA last year and this year is also massive for him. Better average, OBP, slugging, OPS, he's stealing bases at a 3x pace, strikeout rate is better. And keep in mind he wasn't a slouch at AAA last year *as a 19 year old*!  His numbers at AA as a 19 year old vs. Basallo: Holliday: .338/.421/.507 - .928 OPS Basallo: .274/.338/.449 - .787 OPS So, yeah. Holliday is really f'ing good. 
    • Some of the GM's job is negotiating and shaving the small pieces, but big pieces and protecting our big 3, I do keep looking at Cowser #4 and Kjerstad #5, and wonder who says no to that 2-for-1. I know in the name of Andy MacPhail percolating, Scott Harris would be trying to drag that last Kam Mickolio out of Elias.   We seem to like Auburn pitchers, and I wouldn't mind seeing what Orioles player development could do with Casey Mize if the deal was expanded.   Or Mize as a surprise stand alone target.
    • Under what microscope?  He went 1-1. How many teams scouted him before the draft. Definitely not advanced scouts.  Advanced scouts figure things out. Ask Holliday about what the scouts already knew about his hitting. 
    • He was the one who shamed the front office when they did nothing, and then they got Justin Verlander a minute or three later.    Of course the rules were easier in those years.
    • And, just for the sake of balance... They are one starting pitcher (trade) away from losing one or a handful of their best* long-term prospects, for a short-term, high-risk gamble. * notably incl. some ranked among best in MLB
    • It's coming IMO. Tons of interesting guys from the last few drafts starting to pop this year.
    • This. is. fun.  I'm not sure we'll ever see another Mark Teixeira type craze here, but the joint is jumping nonetheless.
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