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Orioles: Best Winning % in Majors When Scoring First


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Gah why would you bump such a thread When the title isn't even reflective of this year? Sometimes you bump meaningful threads but for the most part you bump stuff that isn't worth it. Especially when it is years old.

It's in regard to to the the same subject.

It's from last year (not "years"), and the Orioles are having a difficult time winning games in which they haven't scored 1st. Without looking it up, the 14-6 record when scoring first is probably not so unusual, but the 1-12 record when not scoring first would appear to be significant.

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The O's have largely been playing five inning games this year. They are 13-1 when ahead after five innings, 2-14 when losing after five. They've only played three games that were tied after five innings, and they are 0-3 in those games.

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The O's have largely been playing five inning games this year.

They are 13-1 when ahead after five innings.

They are 2-14 when losing after five innings.

They are 0-3 when tied after five innings.


The Orioles are 17-2 when ahead after five innings.

The Orioles are 4-16 when losing after five innings.

The Orioles are 1-6 when tied after five innings.

Since your post, the Orioles are 2-2 when losing after 5 innings, which seems somewhat encouraging considering that they were previously 2-14 in said situations.

They are 3-1 (since your post) when winning after 5 innings, which is good ....... a slight decrease in winning percentage in said situations after starting the season at 13-1.

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I think you have us all befuddled here Patrick.

Ahh, thanks for pointing that out.

I fixed it.

I had cut and pasted the winning portion of the sentence without changing the corresponding words to "losing" and "tied" in the second and third sentences.

Have a greenie, Jay.

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    • Johnson, McDermott, and Povich, could all be big time arms for us out of the pen at various points of the season. Power arms. 
    • 1. Banks is alone in thinking Holliday isn't a SS.  All evaluators seem to believe he'll be at least ML average. 2. To Banks credit the arm and getting caught on in between hops is something he pointed out and has been agreed with by some so called   "experts". 3. There is only Keith Law who seems to think that Holliday is better than Henderson right now. 4. It's hard to know the total lowdown with so many different opinions.  The majority seem to believe that Holliday is not as good as Henderson now but good enough to play an average ML SS with a chance to be plus in time. 5. Everything is open to one's own interpretation but mine is that Henderson's next 5 years will be at SS and Holliday's next 5 will be at 2B and Elias and Hyde believe that's the best alignment for the team.
    • I think you are putting too much emphasis on one position and ignoring others, which I believe is the real disconnect.     SS is certainly male important but not at the detriment of the rest of the IF.
    • I think I'm the only one who doesn't care where he ends up in the field.  Speaking strictly for myself, I find the endless debate on here about what side of second base he stands on to be borderline insufferable.  Whatever happens, happens...and it's not like the Orioles don't have good options for wherever Holliday doesn't end up standing in the field, either.  
    • The point is that Gunnar is far and away the superior defender at the more premier defensive position. They would not move Gunnar to a less important position is my point and valid.   
    • Maybe he should have said, something you could "eventually" be wrong about.  After all, how can you be right about something that hasn't happened yet, right? The fact is, we don't know.   Everyone has their opinions. Here's mine.  If Holliday, Henderson and Mateo are all on the roster for 2024, it's my opinion that Gunnar gets the most starts at shortstop, Mateo gets the 2nd most, and Holliday only gets a handful, max.  If Gunnar performs as well as he did in 2023 for years to come, I don't see Holliday playing much shortstop at all until it's vacant. I would bet that the majority of posters on here don't believe that Holliday will push Gunnar to 3rd base......Gunnar will have eventually push Gunnar to 3rd base if his defense deteriorates for one reason or another.  Until then, he's the guy, and to keep Holliday in the lineup, then we slot him at 2B.  
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