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The Next "Commish" (Manfred elected)


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Safe money is on Manfred.

Major League Baseball has identified three finalists to replace Commissioner Bud Selig and will vote on the successor Aug. 14, a high-ranking MLB executive with direct knowledge of the hiring process told USA TODAY Sports.

The owners, according to the executive, will choose between Rob Manfred, MLB's chief operating officer; Tim Brosnan, MLB's executive vice president of business; and Boston Red Sox chairman Tom Werner.

quote - USA Today
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So if you were MLB Commish for a day.

What would be the first item on your list?

Mine would be: Install the DH in the NL, or remove it from the AL, both leagues will play by the same rules.

Not sure if I agree that they need to be playing the same rules, but assuming they do, which one happens? Probably tough to decide.

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The players will never give up the DH.

I agree with you, the players like the DH.

The point is, two rules is stupid.

Did the AFL have the 2 point conversion and the NFL just the 1 point conversion?

Does part of the NBA have the 3 point shot and the other doesn't?

Does the NHL have penalty shots after the first overtime for half their league?

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