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Opening Day Photo and Experience thread


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I saw some people leaving the stadium around 4pm. The seating bowl was never filled. The rain was suppose to get there by 3pm so I think it lead to some late arrivals and no shows. We were due a bad Opener and got it. After the game it rained a little but then the sun came out and it warmed up. An Opening Day to forget really.

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Went to the game on light rail. The first train that came by was packed, with people standing in the stairwells. Conductor wouldn't even let us on. Another train came by just two minutes later. Good for the MTA!

Got to the Yards around 2:00 P.M. I had no trouble going through the metal detectors, although the system for taking the items from your pockets and giving it back could be better - containers are too small to hold much, and the tables they sit them on are too small if there is a backup. There appeared to be metal detectors at every gate.

Stuggy's is gone (fine with me). Gino's is gone (boo), Polack Johnny's is gone (BOO!). The generic burger joint in Gino's place seems to have the same back-up problems Gino's had - take the order quick, make people wait a while to get the product. I went to the Esskay Hot dog place where Stuggy's was. Their waffle fries with crab dip on it wasn't bad – not enough crab dip, but pretty good, especially after I sprinkled on some Old Bay. Their Chili cheese dog was a fine $5 chili cheese dog - too bad they're selling them for $9.00. I only found one place selling chorros, and that is in the single Ole Mole stand behind home plate. I did see a cart in the upper deck labeled Oreo Chorros, but it wasn't manned. Oreo Chorros sound good, however. Lots of people were walking around with pizza slices from Pizza Boli's. The slices cost $6each, but were rather large.

I THINK (am not 100% sure) the tee shirt store on the lower concourse has been turned into a mid-sized regular Orioles store. They are still not carrying the very popular cap with the Maryland Flag as the cap with the cartoon bird on it. Instead they have the much less popular (according to the salesman) regular black cap with the Maryland Flag printed on the brim. They do have a new selection of Orioles ties, and small foam fists with the index finger up for #1 that fit on your finger like a finger puppet.

When Jim Palmer received the giant check for $50,000.00 for Autism, it looked like he was going to cry. He looked great throwing out the first pitch from the mound, although he set up initially to throw it from in front of the mound.

Having the little blonde girl run down the orange carpet from center field and yell "Play Ball" was blatant attempt to be touching and as cute as hell, and it worked. It was touching and as cute as hell.

Just a great photo opportunity OF Adam Jones and J.J. Hardy holding their giant Gold glove awards. Well done – handled quickly with just a decent amount of chat by Jim Hunter to lead into it and talk about the importance of defense to the team.

There were big sections of upper deck sections that never had anyone sit in them. Weather clearly played a part in

people not showing up, and I don't blame them. Game time temp was 51 degrees, and so humid you could see your breath. The only thing that made it okay was that there was almost no wind.

Bud Norris was terrible. I was on the flag court and people were trying to say he was getting unlucky, but the Jays were alternately hitting bloops and frozen ropes. He wasn't fooling anyone.

I liked Buck putting in the Garcia kid for 2 innings. Give him the work early. It isn't like the run he gave up mattered for much, and he faced good major league hitting.

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Weams, so good meeting you today! Got a few pics to add that I got from Sec. 360.


justD thought it was so nice of you both to stop and say hello. We are both very glad that we got to meet your bride as well. What a lovely woman. Congrats again.
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I enjoyed my day despite the game's outcome. Loved the Palmer acknowledgement and first pitch. Two minor complaints were that we couldn't find programs at the gate or concourse before the game. We ended up getting one after the game. The souvenir cups don't indicate 2015 on them.

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