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Road trip to Fenway....advice?


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No idea what he was trying to say.

I will say this:

Yanks and RedSox fans seem to be more involved in the game.

Oriole Fans show up ay Camden Yards and act like its a social event. The baseball game is secondary. Some Oriole fans also show up in the 2-4 inning. I do not understand that.

We get there when the gates open

This is exactly what I meant.

I went to a June (maybe it was 5/31) BoSox vs. Tampa Bay game....just a regular game....and it wasn't even a close game....Boston won 7-1 (it was the final game of the series when they were going back and forth plunking each other) but the energy was pretty awesome. Fans payed attention from the first pitch to the last pitch and cheered for each out almost as if it were a playoff game. Every time Ortiz came up, the place went nuts. I'm not saying Fenway was Camden Yards playoff intense, but it definitely reminded me of it.

Just as the other poster mentioned.....Camden Yards IS like a social event and the game does almost seem secondary sometimes....there's definitely a much more intense and energetic crowd in Fenway who are there for the game, at least at the completely random game I was at anyway. At OPACY, LOTS of people show up late and/or leave early...or don't show up at all. Games are rarely sold out, or full. I can go online right now, and get good tickets to any game I want. Last game I went to, the couple behind me ran their mouth non stop for 6 innings....paid no attention to the game.....and left 2-3 innings early. People spend as much time snapping selfies as they do watching the game.

I've been to OPACY for opening day games, Game 1 2012 ALDS, and 3 playoff games last year. OPACY during the playoffs is absolutely amazing, no doubt about it. But for a regular May/June game....there's just no comparison.

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