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60 games left, how man wins will it take?


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I say 35 for the second Wild Card spot. That gets you to 87 wins. So 35-25 the rest of the way. That's difficult but achievable.

The Wild Card teams last season had 88 and 89 wins. I think the parity is a little stronger this year so I'm going with 87 to get in.

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One thing playing against us is that 25 of our 31 games in September figure to get played against teams that are in playoff contention. Maybe the Rays fall out of it and it's 19 out of 31. Still a tall order to be facing teams playing to win rather ones that are playing for 2016.

What that tells me is we have to clean up in August. If we don't we are in trouble.

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The bullpen is going to have to play an even bigger role. With every game being so important we cannot afford to let games get out of hand. DD knows this and that is why we now have two guys with options in the pen. Guys like Wright, Givens, Wilson, Macfarland, Drake, Cabral, Rondon are all going to have to be lights out down the stretch. Keep fresh arms in the pen and fire all bullets at every game and then adjust the roster afterwards.

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Damn, 40-20 to finish out? That would be incredible! A .667 clip will be pretty tough, but from your mouth (keyboard) to the baseball gods ears (computers). [emoji2]

Yes it would be a great finish but to look at it from a different perspective, it would also be a 51-36 finish which is still very good but not as outstanding as a .667 pace.

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I have no clue...all I know is I envision Toronto, Os and Minnesota fighting for WC2. Don't think houston/laa will fall out of spots.

Someone always gets hot...say 90 wins...maybe 88. Jays and Yankees play each other 13 times so I anticipate that will keep Toronto close. I don't feel like min has capability to run away with it.

Orioles are a great September team because they have a great system for when roster are expanded. The trick is to get through August and that looming west coast trip.

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We have the roster to go on a run now. The two bullpen spots with options for fresh arms. Norfolk shuttle baby. I think this was the plan for awhile with the pen. Garcia will be up on the 6th. So just one optionable BP arm for 3 weeks. Then we will get a huge boost come September 1st to show of our minor league depth. Who needs trades when we can add





Steve Johnson

Gamboa (Just a knuckler chilling in AAA)








They might not all come up on the 1st, but adding a quality 3rd catcher, 4-5 BP arms, an extra IF, and a couple OF/DH types will be huge for pinch hitting and defense. Plus Pearce back from the DL and a likely Delmon Young reunion. That's how you can rattle off some wins in Sept.

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    • I hope we stick with five SP and deeper bullpen. The pen could use Suarez or Irvin.
    • At the end of the day, it's Boras' job to get his players as much money as possible. That has worked out in some cases, and not with others.  Hopefully the "winning" environment here will encourage players like Gunnar and Adley to sign extensions. I'd love to hear that the Orioles signed Henderson to a 10-year contract because he is a franchise guy. Adley is a catcher so that scares me more, but I'd be willing to extend him until he's 31 or 32. Gunnar though is the key and I think the Orioles know this. He's one of the best players in the league, he's fast, athletic, and barring a serious injury, there is no doubt he's going to be one of the best players in the league for a long, long time.
    • Baseball is a funny game sometimes, but you're right, we are going to battle with starters that were not even projected for the opening day rotation. Yet, here we are. Obviously anytime we have a series against the Yankees it's big, but even if we lose 2 of 3, we'd only be 2.5 games back.  The loss of Coulombe is huge and that bothers me more than the starters honestly. Perez, Akin, Baker and Tate filling key roles if Cano or Kimbrel is not available does not make me feel great. Baker threw the ball in his debut back and has been throwing well in AAA for a bit, so maybe he's a little bit of lightning in a bottle that this team needs in the pen.   
    • Count me in, but the Orioles have never really subscribed to that theory of splitting time like that. They really put an emphasis on everyday players and bench players with everyday players rarely getting days off.
    • I agree with this. I just feel like he hasn't been given a fair shot in two seasons up here. I can't see any reason that he can't start 4 games out of 7. Give Hays, Mullins, Santander and Cowser each one day off a week and let him start. 
    • This is probably obvious to many but I have not seen it talked about. With Bradish going on the IL and the recall of reliever Vespi they are now in a 5 man rotation.    Burnes, GRod, Irvin, Suarez and Povich.    And an 8 man pen. It was hoped that Kremer would join the rotation but his short 3 2/3 innings in Sunday's start at Norfolk probably means he gets another start in Norfolk on Friday.    If he does well at that point he could join the O's on June 26th.    Until then the O's are likely to continue with a 5 man rotation IMO.   Even if Kremer joins the rotation in June the O's probably go back to a 5 man rotation in July because of the number of off days in July.
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