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The Great Mariner Season Over/Under


How many games will the Mariners win?  

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  1. 1. How many games will the Mariners win?

    • Over 85 wins
    • Push 85 wins
    • Under 85 wins

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People seem to argue over how good the Mariners will be.

I'll call the over/under at 85. Basically, we are saying if they will be relevant. The composite 2008 rankings that I posted a link to on the Orioles forum places the Mariners at 77 wins +/- 7 wins.

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95 wins? I don't know about that. If they finished with 95 wins that would be more than 2 standard deviations away from the models. I am not aware of any team doing that in the past three years. 3-4 typically bust 1 standard deviation. Ignoring the models . . . they are getting older and their offensive components are all on the wrong side of 40 and have shown declines in performance. People say that Bedard adds 7 or so wins to that team, but that assumes that Miguel Batista keeps pitching his improbably self and that they make up for the loss of offense in the outfield.

I think they flop.

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The M's record last year was lucky if you consider the pythag theorem.

But they added Bedard and Silva is a decent back end starter...I think Sexson bounces back some this year as well.

Clement and WLad could end up having an impact as well.

And now with the Angels pitching hurting and Oak and Tex not being all that great, they are looking pretty good.

I say they win somewhere between 90-95 games.

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I just have a hard time seeing them win 90 games. This is a team that employs Jose Vidro as a DH. That is sad. Ok, let's roll through:

C . . . Kenji Johjima . . . age 32 season . . . In his 30 and 31 seasons he has hit a 100 ops. That is a solid offensive catcher, but it is contact oriented. His age and style of offense suggests a slight regression.

1B . . . Richie Sexson . . . age 33 season . . . He was arguably the worst 1B in the league as his offense and defense floundered. He was plagued by an incredibly unlucky BABIP, but has also suffered regressed in his power and line drive percentage the past four years. They are signs your power is going away.

2B . . . Jose Lopez . . . age 24 . . . He might be the worst offensive 2B in the game.

3B . . . Adrian Beltre . . . age 29 . . . He is about league average if not slightly below average offensively as a 3B. He should be about the same.

LF . . . Raul Ibanez . . . age 36 . . . No defense. He also exhibits average offense for a LF. He should see a regression on that.

CF . . . Ichiro . . . 34 . . . Good defense and very good offense as a CF. He is solid and really the only hitter in the Mariners offense that exhibits production at a significantly higher level than the league average (Johjima's defense hurts him enough to make him an average catcher).

RF . . . Brad Wilkerson? . . . 31 . . . He struggled hitting in Arlington. That isn't a good sign. He has also been chronically injured, which has affected his performance. Can you really trust he can keep it going. They will miss Guillien.

DH . . . Jose Vidro . . . 33 . . . This is pretty sad. Having a guy like Vidro as your DH will not work for a competitive AL team.

Look at that offense. Look at offenses on other teams that are competitive. Look at that offense in comparison to the Blue Jays. The Mariners are weak there. Very weak. They need Barry.

Pitching isn't much better. The Mariners have no SP depth. Miguel Batista enters his age 37 year after going 16-11 with a 101ERA+. That won't happen again. Jarod Washburn is also a 100ERA+ pitcher. Felix is solid, but has thrown quite a few innings at a very young age. He should be expected to be around a 110ERA+. He has been far more hype than actual production, but he always has the chance for breaking out. Carlos Silva is another 100ERA+ type of guy. Bedard is an ace. So, they have a shoddy offense and a starting rotation of a 1, a 2, a couple 3s, and a 4. That is a good rotation, but not good enough.

A 90 win team needs more than this.

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    • 1) I don't think it's a bad idea to consider moving on from non-productive vets like Hays and possibly Mullins as well. 2) I'm almost starting to move toward the opinion of re-signing Santander. He is likely not to require a major financial commitment (3/4 years at modest money). And I believe because most of his contributions come from counting stats (homers and RBIs) he is likely to be undervalued in this era of statcast baseball. 3) Elias has never (IMO for good reason) decided to take the approach of multiple/several first timers learning on the job at all at once. The potential for that to go sideways represents too much risk, when you are trying to win a World Series. 4) You didn't just mention moving on from Mullins and Hays. But you also mentioned Santander, O'Hearn, and Mountcastle. That is FIVE regulars and replacing them all with players who have never proven that they can hit Major League pitching. I would almost bet that there aren't 5 first timers in all of MLB who are succeeding this season on their first try. Now obviously, for Holliday next season will be his second try. And I guess 3rd for Stowers, maybe 4th depending how you look at it. And second/third for Kjerstad, Norby (I guess second). Though some of these guys stints were so short, I don't know if they could even get/make much of it some of those previous times. 5) If we make it to the postseason (which we are almost assured to do) win or lose this year in the Fall, it will be a very poor message to send to the fanbase to not spend/add in the offseason. With a payroll this low (ranked what 25th?) you should not be cutting cost and especially with a multi-billionaire owner. 6) If you don't trade any of these players this season, how do you propose that we get better/get the piece(s) that we need? 7) Even with all of these new young players and even if all of them performed right away, where is the pitching going to come from next season in order to legitimately contend (if you don't spend in the offseason)?
    • Nobody thought Toronto would not cash in on their "window". It slammed shut on them and they had a lot of young talent that regressed pretty hard. Cautionary tales are out there.
    • What an odd question. Of course it’s important. The entire baseball world will be paying attention to this series. The two best teams in all baseball, in the same division, each going for a crown at the expense of the other, and neither a big fan of the other. Wins are important regardless of the opponent, but it also goes without saying that we would rather win three out of four against the Yankees, than three out of four against the Athletics, or even other contenders like the Mariners or Guards.  
    • Yeah, too much young talent for that to happen next year, unless some major regression and injuries happen.
    • Mike Elias' job certainly entails doing due diligence on Jack Flaherty again.  
    • even if they do, so what? 
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