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vs. BLUE JAYS, 9/05


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He is throwing as hard as he can. Lol. He looks good though. The high 4 seamer at 96-98 and the lower 2 seamer with good movement at 92-94.

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Great arm. Everyone still thinks he winds up in the pen. We could certainly use a starter.

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Machado worked a walk to (at the very least) extend Price a few more pitches, and Parra went and swung at the 1st pitch.

I don't like when the Orioles do favors for the opposing teams' pitchers ...... especially when it is an excellent pitcher, as is David Price. We certainly don't need to be helping him.

You aren't over the whole pitch count thing yet?

It is so 2008.

TTTOP is where it is at.

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