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vs. RED SOX, 9/25


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15 OUTS: 7 Groundouts, 5 Strikeouts, 2 Lineouts, 1 Thrown Out at Home Plate


IP:. 5 - PLUS

H:.. 5 l(3 Doubles, 2 Singles)

R:O 5

BB: 3

SO: 5

Pitches: 99 (56 Strikes, 43 Balls)

2015 ERA: 4.49



15 (81 Strikes, 71 Balls)

23 (13 Strikes, 10 Balls)

25 (13 Strikes, 12 Balls)

71 (61 Strikes, 11 Balls)

12 (61 Strikes, 61 Balls)

17 (10 Strikes, 71 Balls) *

* Gausman did not record any outs before departing in the 6th inning.

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Sort of like the Athletics in 2014.Got a really good pitcher and other players and kept losing.

I hope they make it over the Angels and Twins. Other than Mike Trout neither of those teams do anything for me. Astros are a young team and their pen hasn't been as good. Real shame we just fell apart for so long. Had we weathered the storm better we could be right there. I just want a winning season at this point.

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Phillies had an inside the park grand slam

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Nats fans going nuts over Williams pinch hitting for Zimmerman in his last home start of year and his Nats career. They weren't able to give him a curtain call. People are irate.

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