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Stephen Strasburg Placed on 15-Day DL.


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Sounds like a possible elbow injury.. Fortunately for Nats fans that can't mean TJ Surgery since they safeguarded themselves against such a thing when they shut him down for the playoff push a couple of years ago.

They said he was healthy. Might be tipping pitches. That is why with Tillman who knows if he is really health.

Maddux said he’s looked to see if Strasburg might have been tipping pitches. After the Rockies seemed so perfectly keyed in on every fastball and ready for every breaking ball, it seemed a natural suspicion. The Marlins picked up something in Tanner Roark earlier this year, and once he and Maddux identified it, he fared much better against Miami. Could Strasburg be tipping pitches, too?


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In his first game back from the DL, Strasburg pitched 2.33 innings while ceding 2 hits (a double and a single), 1 run, 0 walks, while striking out 4.

He threw 42 pitches, 30 of which were strikes.

The opponent was the Atlanta Braves.

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That's a shame. They've been very cautious with him and it looked to be paying off this season but continual flare-ups occur.

Roy, you're right. They discarded Zimmerman in hopes Strasburg could be that guy for years to come. The good news for them is that they have a deep farm club with Giolito emerging as their next top prospect.

This goes against their philosophy from last year. May come back to bite them.

All of this would be well and good had Washington not previously cast aspersions on the very sort of pitcher Strasburg is: one with more than half a decade since his Tommy John surgery. As Tom Boswell wrote last year, the Nationals are dubious of pitchers on their second ulnar collateral ligament and eight years removed from their procedure. Strasburg is nearing the sixth anniversary of his, and to pay him more than any pitcher not named Price, Kershaw, Scherzer, Greinke and Verlander – Cy Young winners all – wasn’t necessarily lunacy. Just inconsistency.


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Oh look people celebrating a Strasburg's injury on the main page of the Orioles forum....this is relevant to the Orioles how? Stay classy.

The thread was Orioles-related when it was started. It has since been requested that the thread be moved to the MLB forum as it is no longer Orioles-related. Moreover, no one in the thread is celebrating his injury. Most have expressed concern and disappointment.

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