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I still support Buck


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This team has vastly outperformed its predicted performance five years in a row. I'm pretty sure managing has something to do with that.

On paper, most analysts were predicting a 4th or 5th place finish. Instead we tied for 2nd in the AL East and took Toronto down to the wire in the WC game (not that that matters as much as the aggregate performance over the course of the season).

In hindsight, Hunter or Bundy (let alone Britton) would probably have been better options than Ubaldo in the 11th. But for us to be in that position to begin with (11th inning in WC game with 89 regular season wins) was way ahead of anything anyone had predicted. In addition, I was disappointed that Buck was unable to find an at bat for Pedro Alvarez tonight. Also, it has become painfully obvious that we lack depth at right handed hitter. We have to be able to do a lot better than Nolan Reimold off the bench in the future.

But all that said, postseasons are crapshoots. It is my opinion that in a sport like baseball where it is very difficult to make the postseason to being with, advocating for a coach to be fired based on poor post-season performance is silly.

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