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2018 Chris Tillman

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1 hour ago, SteveA said:

Today for Tillman:

5.1 innings

8 hits

2 runs

2 earned

1 walk

3 strikeouts 

2 wild pitches

1 HR

100 pitches:  61 strikes, 39 balls

So that's probably the "best" outing of all his minor league rehabs so far, right?

And the rehab is done, right?  He now has to be activated by the 19th or DFA'd, correct?

Will be interesting to see what we do.   I really can't see them putting him on the team.   Is ownership willing to eat the remaining $1.3 million of his contract?


I don't see why they wouldn't. On July 31, 2015 he was DFA'd and then released on August 8th. 

My math isn't going to be spot on, but he had an $8.8m contract in 2015. So you figure 4 out of 6 months he pitched for the O's, so it looks like they were willing to eat 1/3 of his contract. Which was roughly $2.93m.

At this point, no reason to bring Tillman back up unless they legitimately feel that there is zippy depth to call up and/or Cashner is going to be out for a significant chunk of the year. The minors are pretty dearth of impact/ready starting pitching talent...so it's a coin flip for me. The season is a wash. No reason to rush players up. And Yacabonis vs. Tillman? Who cares. Yacabonis isn't a long term piece for this club. I guess you could make a case to call up Means. :shrug: 

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