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July 19: Tigers @ O's Game 3


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OK, Ramon can hit a bit but he is an awful defensive catcher who looks lazy to me most of the time. How is that? :D

Yea the past ball ball on the outside tonight...what a shame he's slow and lazy. Base running error on 3rd the other night.

Ramon doesn't make us winning games any easier. Hits a solo shot about once every 2 weeks and maybe a double too. Doesn't do squat for the team really.

Ramon sucks. I laughed when I saw him hit the homer. Hits it to the same part of the field every hit, it's either a grounder a line drive or a homer.

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His curve was phenomenal tonight. He threw it like 75% of the time.

Great--but now I see they brought Sherrill in rather than stick with Cormier. Don't think that I wd have done that, but what do I know....

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