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Norfolk at Durham PPD (6/4/21)


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I figured this deserved its own thread instead of being buried in the “Alex Wells 2021” thread. If I am wrong, please let me know @Tony-OH

Obviously last night wasn’t a good situation and the fact it is postponed today is a bit concerning. Hoping for the best for him and everyone involved, including the first responders, medical personnel at the hospital, the Bulls, Tide (especially Cumberland who had the hit) and most importantly, Zombro and his family, including his wife who was at the game.

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Finally found my password after years of being idle just to post about this.

I was at the game last night, and it was one of the scariest things I've ever seen.  The whole place was so quiet you could hear not just the ambulances flying down to the stadium but a pin drop.  At first you didn't know what happened, perhaps just a shot off the shoulder or arm, but then seeing all the fielders's reaction, especially catcher Brett Sullivan's just holding his head in disbelief, you knew something was different.

Scary that today's game is cancelled given the reports last night said he was in at least stable condition.  Prayers going out to everyone, especially Zombro and his family

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4 hours ago, SteveA said:

Thanks for posting this. I was curious about if this also had an impact on Brett Cumberland, who hit the ball.

In May, Cumberland was hitting .254. Not great, but since then, Cumberland hit .194 in June, .161 in July and now .135 in August.

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