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ESPN: What MLB could learn from the Savannah Bananas


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I know several people who say they have more fun at minor league games than major league ones, for reasons similar to what's mentioned in the article. There's just more lightness and humor, and more attempts to appeal to fans who don't follow the team daily and aren't that invested in the W/L outcome. 

I actually think the Orioles are a bit better than average in the fun department for MLB (aside from the fun that comes from winning). They have a pretty good variety of between inning entertainment and at some other MLB stadiums it seems there is barely an effort.

I was at a Nationals game recently and they played the same "Get Loud!" graphic almost every at bat with no variation. Other than the president race (which is fun) the rest of the non-baseball entertainment was bland & impersonal and could have been copy-pasted onto any team. 

At a rain-delayed Yankees game a couple years ago they just played a spinning NY logo for 45 minutes, whereas at Camden they typically put something up to watch. 

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