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Road Woes


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Many of you know that Arizona set the all time MLB record last night for consecutive road losses at 23 straight. But did you also know that the Orioles have now lost 19 consecutive road games? It sure would be crazy if the Diamondbacks set an all time record for futility in the 150+ years of Major League Baseball, only to have that record broken days later in the very same season by a different club.

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I think our trouble is that we are a bad team, management is doing nothing to improve the team, so wins or losses are just random.

I remember a quote by John McKay, and the first-winless-season of the Buccaneers existence.

“Coach, do you have any comments about your team’s execution?”

”I think it would be a good idea.”

That will never not be funny, although it’s less funny when you’re thinking about it in connection with your own team.

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