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Playing the odds,,, or tanking?


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Maybe we almost concede some games in order to have our very best lineup to assure a win in other games. When I was a kid, two cousins and uncle from WilkesBaare would come to visit us in NJ, stay over in order to take a bus to NYC and see (taking me) to see the Yankees, Giants or Dodgers. I was a Yankee fan. They always complained that the bottom 2/3 of the American League (no divisions back then) would trot out their worst pitchers for the Yankees, since they were probably going to lose anyway. They would save their best for playing teams that they could beat. So the high Yankee BA, HR and wins was fed 'unfairly"...... Are the O's using the same techinque? Which is better for 3 games for your recor? ...... Chances to win of 95%,95%,40% or 55%, 55% 55%? (( 0.250/3.00 vrs. 0.165 /3.00 )) ........

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