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Lefty was a walking caricature who built Maryland basketball, some questioned Lefty's coaching ability but they couldn't attack the man's character.  Lefty was the kind of man that took care of a petrified 11 year old camper (me) that couldn't find his mother.  I'll post this because you likely won't see it on the tributes or death announcements-Lefty didn't talk about it as was his self-deprecating style but he was a true hero:

"On July 12, 1973, Driesell saved the lives of at least ten children from several burning buildings. He and two other men were surf fishing around midnight in Bethany Beach, Delaware when he saw flames coming from a seashore resort. Driesell broke down a door and rescued several children from the fire that eventually destroyed four townhouses. An eyewitness, Prince George's County circuit court Judge Samuel Meloy, said, "Let's face it, Driesell was a hero. There were no injuries and it was a miracle because firemen didn't come for at least 30 minutes." Driesell said, "Don't build me up as any kind of hero. All we did was try to get the kids out. It was just lucky that we were fishing right in front of the houses. For these actions, Driesell was awarded the NCAA Award of Valor."


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