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Draft Picks Day One and Two

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Draft Tracker

1) Mathew Hobgood (RHP)

2) Mychal Givens (SS)

3) Ty Townsend (1B)

4) Randy Henry (RHP)

5) Ashur Tolliver (LHP)

6) Justin Dalles ©

7) Aaron Wirsch (LHP)

8) Devin Harris (LF)

9) Ryan Berry (RHP)

10) Jacob Cowan (RHP)

11) Michael Ohlman ©

12) Steven Bumbry (RF)

13) Tyler Kelly (2B)

14) David Baker (RHP)

15) Garrett Bush (RHP)

16) Ryan Palsha (RHP)

17) Jeffrey Walters (RHP)

18) Jarrett Martin (LHP)

19) Kipp Schutz (LF)

20) James Brandhorst (RHP)

21) Kevin Landry (RHP)

22) Cameron Coffey (LHP)

23) Michael Mooney (SS)

24) Justin Anderson (LHP)

25) Jay Johnson (LHP)

26) Michael Mechaw (LHP)

27) Michael Planeta (RF)

28) Kyle Hoppy (CF)

29) Brandon Alexander (CF)

30) Brenden Webb (CF)

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Givens will be ths SS at GCL. Gabradez Rosa will probably be the SS at Aberdeen, and Rudolfo Cardona could possibly be the 2B at Aberdeen, so we have a few Latin guys in the mix there as well. Don't forget, we allso have guys drafted last year who played at Bluefield and Aberdeen who didn't make full season teams. We're not talking top prospects, just fillers for th most part. Givens & Rosa should be top prospects in our system.

Rosa is in Delmarva right now, would he be demoted to Bluefield?

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