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Johjima's Special Out-Clause


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NPB Tracker noted that the Hanshin Tigers could look at bringing Johjima back to Japan, this off-season:

reports in the Japanese media say that he has an escape clause in his contract allowing him to return to Japan. Cot’s knows nothing about this. Hanshin is said to be prepared to offer 500m yen annually (about $5m), so for this to work Joh would have to take a pay cut, and the Mariners would have to not convince him to stay

This is the original website. The part that matters is in the last paragraph:


It is a very interesting out-clause and I wonder if there would be anyway to get confirmation from an American source on the issue.

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Didn't know that. I really only know the O's players. You think that was the reason Johjima opted out?

Johjima was told he would primarily be a back-up catcher in 2010.

I have respect for players that opt-out of large contracts and little playing time to take a lesser pay (I believe he is losing between $5-8M if he does sign with Hanshin) to play more.

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