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Episode II: Orioles Further Shatter Sox Fans' Playoff Hopes


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I read that the Sox are actually considering trading for a pitcher to start the last game of the season, instead of starting Lester on 3 days rest. Apparently they have no other options.

LOL. This is great. They are screwed. Almost no way they can win the WC now. Even if they go to a 1-game playoff with Tampa, they'll have to find yet another pitcher. I don't think it's in the cards for Boston this year. Tonight could very well be the nail in the coffin for them.

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    • I love that we have so many young assets like the OP mentioned. My issue with this framework is that we still need to add a big piece or 2 to add to the core if we are going to contend for a World Series. I don’t see this roster even with all of the young adds next year being able to beat Houston, Seattle, Toronto, Dodgers, Braves, Mets next year in a short series. Don’t get me wrong I am VERY excited to have so many young promising players. But I hope there is a plan to add to this in order to compete for a championship.
    • I'm surprised to hear this from you.  I assume you're inferring how the FO feels?
    • Mountcastle has a long swing and at times swings at just about everything. I don’t think he’s anymore than a mediocre player with an occasional hot streak.
    • At first I didn’t care if Judge got to 62. Now I hope he’s stuck on 61 for the season.    The crying by Yankees fans about how we didn’t groove one so Judge can have the record #%^%#. I’m counting down, 2 games left, I hope Texas walks him 8 times.
    • I agree if we had a stud on the other side that could actually get home. But we don’t, we now have two geriatric NFL players, a guy trying to return from a serious injury, and a rookie that will try to make the jump to the NFL after suffering a serious injury doing draft drills. Man we have a great plan! I swear, you or I could done better than this bunch. Bisciotti needs to fire the whole bunch. They’ve outstayed their value. 
    • Same issue Clowney has.  But pressures and hurries make are still very valuable.
    • I guess it depends on if you think this year or last year is the Real Mountcastle. Last year’s numbers have him as borderline top 10 at the position. I think he’ll be closer to last year and could pop higher year to year. Top 10 1B with elite Catcher and SS/3B and you’ve got a good foundation.
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