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Gotta go guys but I will come in daily if at all possible, at least until Bedard is dealt somewhere. And I should give this disclaimer to everything I have said. All of it is my opinion and not all Reds fans may agree completely but would have to agree it's pretty close.

BTW Love Brooks Robinson (And Cal of course) even though he killed us in '72 wasn't it!? Here's to hoping both franchises can find their way back to the glory days. ;)

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Not at all' date=' I could argue all day about that but I won't get too deep into it. The Cordero signing was neccessary, call it our version of Detroit getting Pudge. Sometimes an ownership needs to make a commitment and as bad a deal as it was it was absolutely neccessary to tell the fan base, hey we mean business. And that isn't something Krivsky would do under normal circumstances, the owner Bob Castellini IMO is solely responsible for that one.

The only other move he was hammered for was Kearns/Lopez etc for Bray/Majewski etc. And while he did make a big mistake here in not following through on Majewski's medical reports well enough, he gave up very little as it turns out and Bray and [b']Daryl Thompson [/b]still have a solid future. Bray in fact was a 1st round pick himself so he has the talent and the make-up to be an above avg LHP either as a closer or set-up man. So in the end Krivsky seems to always come out on top.

Add to that:

Jared Burton

Josh Hamilton

Brandon Phillips

Bronson Arroyo

He gave up 100K, Wily Mo Pena and a young pitcher who has a fair future as a 7th or 8th inning guy for that.

Tell me any decision that was poor that was his decision.

I played against Daryl in high school! :D

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I'd rather have Syd Thrift as a GM than Angelos as an owner! :eek:

Wow that's got to be the worst statement I've seen on the Hangout. Angelos doesn't compare as an owner as Syd Thrift was as a GM. However if you mean the Syd Thrift in his younger days that built the Pirates, I might agree with you...

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I think someone already asked you this and forgive me if I missed the answer, but would the Reds, in your opinion, have interest in anyone else on the O's that could net us Hamilton besides Bedard?

Maybe a bullpen arm (Bradford) and another starter (Randor Bierd maybe) who wouldn't cost alot but could be in the mix for the 5th spot in the rotation.

Brian Roberts if we could move Phillips to SS but I don't think that will ever happen. Of course we would love to see Roberts here than in Wrigley but ya know how that goes.

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