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Camden Yards reached 121 decibels


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Craig Sager showed a digital SPL meter (Sound Pressure Level) reaching 121 decibels. He compared it to the puny 109 db he recorded indoors at the Chesapeake Energy Arena where the OKC Thunder played in the NBA Finals this past June. For comparisons sake, the Seahawks stadium (renown for their ridiculously loud atmospheres) is posted at 112. (there are rumors of louder but I didn't find any real evidence despite what Wikipedia might want you to believe ;)).

Closer to baseball, the famed Metrodome in the 1991 World Series reached 125db

I knew Camden Yards got loud, I participated in it myself in September, but 121db is crazy loud. We knew Baltimore fans were awesome and just needed a good team to root for. Now the whole world knows just how awesome Camden Yards can be.

Huge hand for those who went to the game that night. You made us all proud. :clap3:

<iframe src='http://mlb.mlb.com/shared/video/embed/embed.html?content_id=25365063&width=400&height=224&property=mlb' width='400' height='224' frameborder='0'>Your browser does not support iframes.</iframe>

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We have great fans and we have hungry fans too. That combination leads to that happening. I was at the game Sunday. Never have been at OPACY like that ever but I hope this season leads to more experiences like that. We had the Yankee fans drowned out all game long.

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I was at both games Sunday and last night. Each game was electric with a sea of orange towels being waived Sunday night and a sea of white towels last night. Sunday it seemed everybody was super charged throughout and never let up only to see us lose the game in the 9th. Tonight it was more of a controlled electric with periods where it was quiet during the innings when the Orioles were not getting on base. It was louder than a Ravens game. i think the new DJ or whoever is playing the music deserves an A as the sounds keep you pumped up and rockin.

Loudest at OP? Yes! Both nights. Like a college footbal game with 80,000 people on hand. Loudest sounds I've ever heard was at a Foreigner concert at the old Civic Center in the 80's. My ears rang all night and hurt so bad when I got home I could not sleep and was worried I might have to go to a doctor because they were still ringing the next morning.

I have to admit I am superstitious and tonight I did several things totally different to break a 2 game NY losing streak. I have attended wins against them this season but two losses in a row called for changes. Slight change of clothes worn to the game, different parking location, I went to a different ticket turnstile to enter the park tonight, the snack I took to my seat was different and I didn't yell as much at the NY lineup. I decided before the game to stay positive and a little more low keyed. Sunday night's gme put me into a type of depression that I let bother me too much. Everything worked. Great Win! Go O's.

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