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Jose Bautista is about to pass Markakis (Update: Bautista passed Markakis)


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Have you voted for Nick Markakis yet today? Jose Bautista is openly campaigning for votes on Twitter, so Nick needs all the help he can get.

We all know Nick would never stoop so low... So we need to do it for him. Vote and tell everyone you know vote for Nick.

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I just voted 75 times, will keep going. I found out a trick on my IPhone. The cash memory remembers my ballot and last email address I put in. If I vote 25 times, then close the window. Open a new window and google search the ballot again, it pulls up the main page with my ballot in tact. All I have to do at that point is change the email address. I opened 6 windows like this in a row, once I finish voting 25 times, I close the window and move on to the next. Also helps me keep track of how many times I've voted.

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    • The Longenhagen comment is interesting: “Here begins the three- or four-team cluster of clubs that are really, really good at developing pitchers. Brecht has monster stuff and a huge frame; he’s basically the pitching version of Caglianone in this class. If any of the Orioles, Braves, Dodgers, or Yankees get their hands on him, they might turn him into a monster. “ Longenhagen really likes our pitching development, though Tony points out that the Elias-led O’s haven’t drafted a pitcher who’s reached the majors.   So what does he like?    
    • Sometimes it’s good to look at the similar pitchers with the same velocity and movement. Some good names on that list. 
    • Norby is more valuable to us as a Hays replacement, platoon RH bat, then what he would bring back in a trade. Same with Stowers.  Norby is a classic example of if he would’ve cracked any top 100 list then he would have matriculated up to the 80’s now and we would probably view him completely differently. 
    • Up to a .713 OPS with 34 steals. He plays CF when EBJ isn’t. Maybe he sees more time there if EBJ is promoted. June - .801 OPS July - .920 OPS He’s put himself on the map. As a 3rd rd pick he was probably always there. 
    • You are very right to question some of the 2nd rd - 5th rd choices we’ve made. As you point out, guys with little upside. A pipeline of some version of arms would’ve been better by the upside of what Williams, Trimble, Josenberger, etc… have offered. Niche role types versus pitching. 
    • I appreciate that you pointed out that it was a fluff piece. I think most of us aren’t experts on the minors so we probably are more easily swayed by seeing any good info about us. Fruit is a nice story as a 9th rd pick, but we did have Tyler Wilson recently as a 10th rd pick. We developed him during the “dark ages”. 
    • What’s the deal with Brecht?  Even if he fails be a TOR SP, is his floor a high leverage arm? It seems like it’s all command and developing his secondaries.  Is this the pitcher that we take a shot on in the first rd? The bats are no slam dunks either. I’ve been firmly in the take the bats category, but I’m moving more to Brecht here each day. 
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