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Who Will Be The Next Out-Of-College Pitcher To Make The MLB Hall Of Fame?


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Here's what I think could happen in the next 20-30 years:

1) Baseball tires of the 140-year-old trend of declining pitcher innings totals.

2) Baseball sets a max number of pitchers on the roster. Say 10. But maybe as few as 8.

3) This causes offense to spike, as almost nobody can pitch max effort all the time under those limitations.

4) Traditionalists howl that we're going back to steroid-level offenses.

5) They deaden the ball to make up for it. Maybe raise the mound, or expand the zone.

6) With a limit on number of pitchers and a lower run environment starters' innings go back up considerably.

7) Pitchers begin to have careers where they throw 20 years of 250-300 innings, with 300+ wins.

8) Everyone is happy except for the middle relievers and setup guys who lost their jobs, and the fans who really liked eight-pitcher games.

9) 85-year-old BBWAA members can go back to voting only for guys with 300 wins, goshdurnit.

I would rather see the above then some of the other stuff the new commissioner is considering.

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